Simple, Fast and Without Bureaucracy

1. Farmer Registration

In less than 5 minutes, the farmer registers on our platform via cell phone and points out his Partner Reseller.

2. Partnership Subscription

The CPRF conditions are sent via Whatsapp, the Partner Reseller and the Farmer sign the CPRF as guarantor and validator.

3. Available Credit

After signing, the credit is made available in favor of the Farmer as indicated in the formalization.

4. Rotary

Automatic renewal after maturity, providing credit sustainability to the farmer.

Agrolend Sustainable Credit

If you are a farmer, regardless of your agricultural segment, your culture or your region, we provide credit with renewable limits after payment and that increase over time.

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Benefits for You, Farmer

Competitive Rates

Fits in your pocket, developed for its segment. Attractive and differentiated rate for your operation.

Harvest Deadline

Pay after the harvest, when the money enters your account.

No Bureaucracy

We waive guarantee of pledge of grain or mortgage, certificates and records.

Simple and Fast

Digital, easy and practical to be hired. Register in minutes.