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Agrolend's plan of $140 million (or more) to establish itself as 'the digital bank for agribusiness

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Agrolend obtains financial license and targets BRL 2 billion credit portfolio

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Agrolend raises US$ 27 million in round with Lightrock

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At Agrolend, a pioneering social label in rural credit

CPR, consortium, fintechs: companies point to alternatives for rural credit outside bank financing

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Agrolend: generating credit with security and innovation for farmers

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Orbia platform will distribute Agrolend credit

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Agrolend, the first rural finance company, wants to reap a BRL 1 billion portfolio


Offspring of the pandemic: 4 startups that were born and took off amid the crisis

Notícias Agrícolas

BASF makes an unprecedented partnership with fintechs to offer credit to farmers

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Startup acceleration program in Latin America has two Brazilian companies

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Brazilian Central Bank grants operating authorization to Agrolend SCD

Canal Rural

Agrolend confirms the vigor of fintech agro with a contribution of BRL 10 million

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Fintech Agrolend attracts US giant Continental Grain