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August 2023

Coffee harvest confirms good national production

July 2023

Will Brazil be the biggest corn exporter?

June 2023

Will drought in the US save the price of soybeans?

April 2023

Missing silo and truck for soy

March 2023

Argentina experiences worst drought in 60 years

February 2023

Harvest puts pressure on soy prices

January 2023

Is it corn time?

December 2022

Where will the price of soybeans go?

October 2022

Accelerated planting marks the beginning of the harvest

September 2022

Super harvest starts without lack of inputs

August 2022

Second crop grows and even goes to China

July 2022

Plano Safra jumps in volume and interest

June 2022

War generates food crisis and pressure on governments

May 2022

Why did the Safra Plan got stuck?

April 2022

War and drought in the USA create opportunities for Brazil?

March 2022

War puts fertilizer and grain high

February 2022

Soybeans soar in Chicago after drought